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Types Of Eyelash Extensions That Are Best For Your Eye Shape

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty enhancement, offering a remarkable transformation to various eye shapes. Each eye shape — be it small, big, almond, round, monolid, protruding, downturned, upturned, close-set, wide-set, deep-set, or hooded — has unique characteristics that can be accentuated or subtly altered with the right type of eyelash extensions.

Choosing the appropriate style and length of extensions not only enhances the natural beauty of the eyes but also accentuates their shape, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing look.

In this feature, we’ll explore the best eyelash extension options for each eye shape, discussing the benefits and the transformative effects they offer, ensuring that every individual can make an informed choice to highlight their most captivating features.

Small Eyes

small blue eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Small Eyes

For small eyes, lightweight and shorter lash extensions are ideal. They should focus on adding length rather than volume to avoid overwhelming the eye.


  • Enhances the eye size, making them appear larger and more open.
  • Adds definition without overpowering the natural eye shape.

Resulting Look

  • Creates an illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.
  • Gives a natural and subtle enhancement to the eyes.

Big Eyes

big hazel eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Big Eyes

Big eyes can handle longer and fuller lashes. Volume lashes or hybrid lashes (a mix of classic and volume) are great choices.


  • Emphasizes the natural size and shape of the eyes.
  • Offers a dramatic and glamorous look.

Resulting Look

  • Accentuates the eyes, making them a standout feature.
  • Provides a bold and striking appearance.

Almond Shaped Eyes

light brown almond shaped eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes are versatile and can suit most lash styles. A mix of lengths with a slight emphasis on the outer corners enhances their natural shape.


  • Highlights the natural almond shape.
  • Adds depth and dimension to the eyes.

Resulting Look

  • Creates a subtle cat-eye effect.
  • Offers a balanced and elegant appearance.

Round Shaped Eyes

round shaped gray eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Round Shaped Eyes

For round eyes, lashes that are longer in the center can create a striking look, enhancing the eye’s roundness.


  • Makes the eyes appear more open and awake.
  • Balances the round shape without elongating it excessively.

Resulting Look

  • Gives a doll-like appearance.
  • Enhances the natural width of the eyes.

Monolid Shaped Eyes

monolid shaped brown eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Monolid Shaped Eyes

Monolids benefit from curled, longer lashes that open up the eye area. Volume lashes can add depth.


  • Creates an illusion of a crease.
  • Opens up the eye area, making the eyes more prominent.

Resulting Look

  • Provides a transformative effect, giving depth and dimension.
  • Enhances the eyes’ natural beauty and uniqueness.

Protruding Shaped Eyes

protruding blue eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Protruding Shaped Eyes

Protruding eyes can be balanced with medium-length, more natural-looking lashes. Too much volume or length can overpower the eyes.


  • Softens the prominence of the eyes.
  • Creates a more balanced look.

Resulting Look

  • Gives a natural enhancement.
  • Reduces the protruding effect, offering a harmonious appearance.

Downturned Shaped Eyes

downturned blue eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Downturned Shaped Eyes

Lashes that are longer at the outer corners can lift downturned eyes, creating a more youthful look.


  • Provides a lifting effect to the outer corners.
  • Balances the downward angle of the eye shape.

Resulting Look

  • Offers a subtle cat-eye effect.
  • Creates a more lifted and alert appearance.

Upturned Shaped Eyes

upturned light brown eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Upturned Shaped Eyes

Upturned eyes can be accentuated with evenly distributed lashes or with a slight emphasis on the outer corner.


  • Highlights the natural upturned shape.
  • Enhances the eye’s sultry, feline-like appearance.

Resulting Look

  • Maintains the natural elegance of the eye shape.
  • Offers a balanced and captivating look.

Close-set Shaped Eyes

closed set green eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Close-set Shaped Eyes

For close-set eyes, focusing the length and volume towards the outer edges can create an illusion of wider-set eyes.


  • Visually separates the eyes, creating more balance.
  • Draws attention to the outer edge of the eyes.

Resulting Look

  • Creates a widening effect.
  • Offers a flattering and balanced appearance.

Wide-set Shaped Eyes

wide set dark brown eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Wide-set Shaped Eyes

Wide-set eyes can be balanced by applying longer lashes towards the inner corners, which helps in creating the illusion of closer-set eyes.


  • Narrows the gap between the eyes.
  • Brings focus to the inner eye area.

Resulting Look

  • Creates a more centered and harmonious facial balance.
  • Enhances the natural shape with a subtle inward emphasis.

Deep-set Shaped Eyes

deep set light brown eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Deep-set Shaped Eyes

Long and voluminous lashes work well with deep-set eyes, as they help in bringing the eyes forward and making them more prominent.


  • Highlights the eyes, bringing them out from the brow bone shadow.
  • Adds visible definition and depth.

Resulting Look

  • Creates a captivating and dramatic effect.
  • Accentuates the eyes, making them a focal point.

Hooded Shaped Eyes

hooded dark brown eyes

Best Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Shaped Eyes

For hooded eyes, lashes that are longer in the center or outer edges can help in opening up the eye area.


  • Lifts the appearance of the eyelid, reducing the hooded effect.
  • Opens up the eye for a more alert and bright look.

Resulting Look

  • Enhances eye shape while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • Provides a subtle lift, offering a rejuvenated appearance.

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